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Survey reveals cost of online abandonment

Survey reveals cost of online abandonment
Thursday January 5 2017

A 12 month survey carried out in 2016 has revealed that 81% of online abandonment is totally ignored

Ecommerce recovery company Optilead conducted the survey and said they identified in excess of $150m of abandonment each week from 946 websites in the UK. 
The average abandonment rate across all sectors is 76%. But it’s not just the abandonment rate that’s of concern – it’s the low activity by ecommerce sites to drive customer engagement with online customers that they have already paid significant amounts to attract to their online store. 
Each of the 946 ecommerce sites were tested 3 times for abandonment – the vital element to this being after items had been selected, and critical details (email, telephone and name) had been submitted on the payment pages. Depending on the sector, relevant products were abandoned for low, average and high value. Tests were also undertaken for call back requests, where the service was provided.

Out of the 2,838 abandonment tests conducted only 19% of them were responded to and of the 946 companies tested, only 23% responded by email and 1.5% responded by telephone. 

Marc Pearce, multichannel marketing manager at Optilead, said: “It’s clear that the vast majority of ecommerce sites don’t have a clear strategy to re-engage with consumers that abandon online or would like assistance during the buying journey. Each of the 946 sites tested by Optilead could make significant gains by engaging with potential customers that abandon online - not only financially, but also by enhancing the customer journey and the brand experience overall.”

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