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PetSmart increases productivity and mobility

PetSmart increases productivity and mobility
Tuesday February 7 2017

US pet retailer PetSmart is looking to boost productivity, analytics, reporting and mobility with a new software installation

The company has upgraded to MicroStrategy 10 across its enterprise for the project.

With more than 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, PetSmart is turning to MicroStrategy’s mobile capabilities to empower its workforce and inform executives. 

The retailer has used MicroStrategy’s technology for nearly a decade and recently made the decision to upgrade to MicroStrategy 10. PetSmart launched its first internal mobile app in 2010 and now has nearly 20 internal apps built on MicroStrategy that are delivering insights to senior leaders and associates across the enterprise.


Brian Rensing, senior director, enterprise information management, PetSmart said:  “A mobile approach to our data analytics and business intelligence strategy dramatically increases our efficiency and puts insights into the palm of our associates’ hands. A wide range of users access our internal BI apps every day – even multiple times a day – including senior leaders, field associates, distribution centre and store managers and associates across all functions of the company such as finance, marketing, HR and Store Ops. We are streamlining reporting with insightful and actionable data through our mobile apps and dashboards.”

PetSmart’s first mobile analytics app was deployed to improve data accessibility among executives and distribution centre leaders. Rather than stopping at a single app, PetSmart continued to expand its use of the MicroStrategy Mobile platform and now has almost a dozen iPhone apps and five iPad apps, allowing the company to democratise data beyond executives to district managers, regional vice presidents, and field and store leaders.

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