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CASE STUDY: Laptop Outlet boosts online sales tenfold

CASE STUDY: Laptop Outlet boosts online sales tenfold
Tuesday February 14 2017

Technology retailer Laptop Outlet increased its online sales tenfold after implementing a new ecommerce system


Laptop Outlet has grown to become one of the UK’s leading retailers of technology products with its mission of bringing exceptional technology from the leading brands at the best prices to all customers. 

The company delivers this through management experience in tech retail, long-standing business relationships with manufacturers, a team of experts with hands-on tech knowledge, and customer service focused on providing the best complete shopping experience.
The company was approached by eBay as part of their acquisition programme to begin selling on there and by the end of 2011 it was moving a couple of hundred orders a day. However, it wasn’t possible to sustain this for uploading data and updating stock levels so it needed a platform and integrated solution for the level of business it was doing. 

The solution 
eBay recommended it look at a couple of multichannel ecommerce system providers to manage it all. The company chose Volo Commerce because of the agreed time frame, which was aggressive, and because the people at Volo were more understanding of its business and were working with a lot of other tech sellers.
Laptop Outlet director Manu Hussein said: “At first it felt quite daunting, because there was a lot to take on with all the automation that the platform offered. The implementation went really well and we did all the training to make sure everyone on the team was comfortable with it.”
Multichannel management
The company is  a genuine multichannel business now. It sells via its website, on eBay, Amazon, Tesco Direct and other social selling channels like Groupon. 
Hussein added: “The Volo staff are excellent in terms of interfacing with us on a regular basis and providing the support when we need it. They’re responsive and knowledgeable.
“We’ve also recently got inside the reporting module, which is critical to the P&L side of the business. It sounds obvious and it’s easy to say but much harder to do. Having an accurate picture of the net margin we’re making on each product is very useful.”
Beyond retail

Laptop Outlet’s online sales have increased ten-fold and its first year working with Volo it did over £5.5m in sales and this was doubled the year after. A year later, it grew by a further 33%, and the retailer is continuing to perform over plan. 
Hussein concluded: “This is a very solid foundation that Volo has enabled us to build. We’re now up to 45 staff, we process hundreds of orders a day and we have a high average order value. It’s given us the funding to branch out into other areas of the ecommerce business besides pure retail.”

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