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Caffè Nero loyalty goes mobile

Caffè Nero loyalty goes mobile
Tuesday April 11 2017

Coffee chain Caffè Nero is launching a new app that will provide a digital version of the company’s iconic blue paper stamp card

The iOS and Android-available app, which can be used in all Caffè Nero stores across the UK and Ireland, is the first coffee app to offer loyalty redemption, payment and digital receipts in one scan of the phone, the app provides customers with a faster and simpler in-store experience.

It is teaming with mobile wallet company YoYo Wallet for the app.

According to a new survey by Yoyo, 25 million Brits have lost two to five paper loyalty cards in the last year, and in excess of 87 million cards in total.

Almost four in 10 say paper loyalty cards are old fashioned and outdated, with three in 10 claiming they are a nuisance and bulk up their wallet. In addition, a third would love to have loyalty cards that are impossible to mislay or lose, and the same amount would welcome a personalised loyalty system that
benefits their needs and lifestyle.


The Caffè Nero app will allow users to seamlessly receive stamps, store them in one easily accessible place, and be informed whenever a free coffee is available.

Gerry Ford, founder of Caffè Nero, said: “Making our loyalty card available on our customers' phones whilst also including an integrated payment system is a win-win. It still rewards customer loyalty and makes paying fast and easy. We believe this will be a great step forward for our customer experience.”

Alain Falys CEO and co-founder of Yoyo Wallet, added: “Gone are the days of lost loyalty and clunky experiences at point of sale. This app encompasses the next phase of customer engagement, offering a rewarding, personalised brand experience centred around just one swipe of your phone.

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