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A Farfetch future

A Farfetch future
Thursday April 20 2017

Luxury fashion online retailer has launched its Store of the Future (SoF) to link online and offline stores

The central idea of the SoF is that it will allow brands and boutiques to replicate the online world of collating customer search terms by collecting information about their customers while they are browsing in-store.

The new concept includes customer and product recognition, a digital changing room experience and a sales associate experience.

It’s designed around the opt-in data-sharing concept called 'Universal log-in' via the Farfetch app, where shopper’s online browsing and in store shopping behaviours are collated to deliver a more personalised experience.


When the customer arrives in-store and uses the universal log-in, the sales associate receives a notification alerting them that a connected customer has arrived in store. The sales associate can then access insights into their recent shopping behaviour provided via their connected profile, allowing store staff to provide a more tailored, personalised and high level of service.

Farfetch is also using specialised technology including RFID for the connected clothing rail, meaning any products that customers physically pick up in-store are recognised and immediately linked to their mobile device, creating an in-store wish list and product selection as they browse.

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