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Tesco implements energy saving system

Tesco implements energy saving system
Thursday August 31 2017

Tesco is looking to reduce energy usage by as much as 80% with a new solution

Cosaf will upgrade Tesco’s in-store cooling systems by implementing its innovative Air2O IDEC evaporative cooling air conditioning technology.

The partnership, which is set to position Tesco as the UK’s most environmentally efficient 
grocery retailer by 2025, will lower the energy usage of Tesco’s environmental systems by 80%. 

It will significantly reduce its capital, running, and maintenance costs by completely replacing all compressor based cooling systems from their comfort cooling air handling units (AHUs) with Air2O innovative IDEC air conditioning systems. 

It will also help the retailer to comply with its internal governance and environmental pledges, and reduce its reliance on DX cooling.

Cosaf’s Air2O system uses an environmentally-friendly combination of direct and indirect evaporation cooling, which eliminates harmful gases. 

It also utilises IDEC technology to eliminate stale air recycling, delivering 100% hygienic fresh air with no harmful gases for Tesco’s produce, employees and customers.

Roger Oliver, HVAC engineering manager at Tesco, said: ‘As one of the world’s largest retailers, we are committed to delivering the most efficient and healthy environments for our staff, customers and stakeholders. As such, we required an alternative cooling solution that wouldn’t rely on refrigerant gas, and would fit within our existing AHU model. Cosaf worked closely with our AHU supplier to deliver a solution that effectively aligned with these parameters.”

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