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Reebok launches shoppable social

 Reebok launches shoppable social
Tuesday September 5 2017

Sportswear giant Reebok is making its social media channels fully shoppable for the first time

It’s looking to create a seamless experience for consumers from the moment of discovery to the point of purchase.

The company has appointed marketing technology country Curalate as its partner in the project.

Beginning with Instagram, consumers who see images and videos featuring athletes using Reebok products on the brand’s social channels will now be able to learn more about different ranges and easily buy the products in those posts.

This is part of a broader strategy on Reebok’s part to accommodate the growing number of consumers who discover products and shop online through social channels.

“Our brand digital focus is to be relevant to existing and future customers, as a large part of our audience is active on social media,” said Mark Allin, senior digital manager at Reebok. “Reebok’s online content celebrates fitness communities. We’ll feature our products in content captured during genuine workouts, rather than simply product shots. This way people are clear as to what our position is in fitness, and can then explore options to purchase.”

Reebok will enhance overall customer experience with the new technology, and be able to attribute ROI from branded content and social activity that leads to ecommerce sales, in line with paid digital media channels.

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