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BHS profits with seamless payments

 BHS profits with seamless payments
Tuesday October 17 2017

BHS has seen significant success since transforming itself into an online store with seamless payment

Relaunched in October 2016, the new "British Home Store" has seen impressive online success with a 35% sales spike in its second quarter including its womenswear sales division skyrocketing by 350% during the quarter. 

Ingenico provides the seamless payment experience for BHS customers, complete with multiple currencies and payment method options including credit card, debit and PayPal. BHS also has the option to add European payment methods and is supported by Ingenico's fraud screening services, which reduce fraud, maximise approvals, minimise chargebacks and reduce operational cost, while ensuring a smooth online shopping experience for customers. 

Kevan Mallinder, managing director, BHS, said: "The solution to our problems was to have a start-up mentality. We had to find the software company that would be the best fit, and find a winning payments provider to ensure the checkout platform was seamless, ensuring our customers feel safe and secure when purchasing their goods." 


BHS trusted the Ingenico team to ensure that tokenisation would be executed by building the functionality into the Hybris Platform by the launch date, and the implementation process was seamless. 

Mallinder added: "Considering the timescale challenges we faced, we needed third parties to be as assertive as we were in delivering on objectives. While our chosen partners were very technically capable, we were mindful of allowing them the space to do what they needed to get our payments up and running quickly and securely." 

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