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Dixons Carphone lights up sales

Dixons Carphone lights up sales
Thursday February 1 2018

Dixons Carphone has announced major LED light installations at its stores

The installations are at the company’s key flagship Evo store in London’s Tottenham Court Road, its travel outlet in Heathrow Terminal 3 and a 10-store LED installation across the UK.

The 10-store installation for Dixons Carphone marks the largest rollout of LED screens by a single retailer in the UK. 

It includes 11 screens, nine of which are 2.5 x 1.5m LED screens that feature a 2.8mm pixel pitch, which were all created in-house by Volume Network

The screens are connected and managed via Hubble, Volume Network’s content management system that combines content synchronisation capabilities, media management, automated scheduling and real-time data and reporting, among other features. 

Prevent downtime

In addition, Hubble also proactively identifies power failures, heat of screens and individual LED failure to prevent occurrences of downtime.

The installation at Heathrow, which won the DFNI Product Award for Best New Store in December 2017, allows Dixons Travel to deliver live content to travellers based on upcoming departure flights and local destination times, while also introducing up-to-the-minute pricing to ensure customers have the best prices available.

At the Dixons Carphone flagship Evo store, Volume Network developed and installed a 2 x 3m super bright LED screen with 2.8mm pitch designed with technology that allows the screen to withstand direct sunlight and window reflections, ensuring it can be seen even on the brightest summer day.


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