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Tuesday March 13 2018

Chinese ecommerce giant is launching an initiative to promote the development of next-generation smart supply chain technologies

The company’s new Global Supply Chain Innovation Center (GSIC) is designed as an international hub for smart supply chain research and innovation. 

It will bring together global industry experts, companies, universities and other institutions, and will serve as a platform to share resources, expertise, insights and technologies while working together on research projects focused on new technologies and processes. 

Sharing resources 

The GSIC will operate across six key international regions - China, Silicon Valley and Chicago in the U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia. 

Yu Yongli, head of's JD Y business unit, which is focused on smart supply chain innovation, said: " has built up an incredible wealth of expertise and experience in supply chain management, including cutting-edge technologies like AI, big data, blockchain and Internet of Things. By sharing our resources with leading experts from academia and business, and supporting R&D of emerging technologies, we will empower the GSIC to develop the next generation of smart supply chain infrastructure.” 

The GSIC will be overseen by an expert committee consisting of esteemed academics in supply chain innovation and management who will be responsible for guiding R&D efforts at the Center and will serve as mentors and advisors. 

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