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Pets at Home plans store changes

Pets at Home plans store changes
Friday May 4 2018

UK pet store chain Pets at Home has implemented new store planning software

The company is using Symphony RetailAI’s Store Planning and Optimisation software to deliver more pet-related services and refine product assortment across its 440 stores. 
In order to optimise the use of space across its store portfolio and ensure an optimal assortment, Pets at Home needed a scalable solution for analysing and improving space performance - a solution that would provide accurate recommendations for balancing category space and assortment content with valuable services in both existing store layouts 
and stores facing comprehensive redesign. 

Optimal allocation

During a highly detailed review and proof of concept, Symphony RetailAI used its SR Store Planning and Optimisation solutions to deliver an optimal allocation of merchandising space for each category, aisle and department, which in one scenario reduced store display space by approximately 20% and reallocated space to services such as veterinary care, and in another scenario optimised an unchanged space allocation. 

The solutions do this based on SKU-level performance analysis from any user-selected trading period. Optimisation can be automated or performed manually, and users may review and adjust all settings in the workflow in real time. 

Mark Wilkinson, head of merchandising and space planning, Pets at Home, said: "By taking the time to continually optimise our stores, we can ensure we provide the service and convenience our customers have come to expect.” 

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