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Finger vein payments tested in Denmark

Finger vein payments tested in Denmark
Tuesday May 8 2018

Finger vein payments are being tested by students and visitors at Denmark’s Copenhagen Business School

The revolutionary new payment method from digital payments company Nets, works by scanning the structure of veins in customers' fingers.

Nets has installed finger scanners at the check-outs in the business school cafeteria. Anyone with a Dankort, the Danish domestic card scheme, can enrol in the system and link the unique pattern of veins in their fingerto their account. 

Paying with your finger vein is similar to the biometric capabilities on smartphones that consumers are already comfortable with - and even more secure. 

Vein patterns 

Finger vein payments are even more secure than fingerprint biometrics because finger vein patterns are almost impossible to replicate and blood circulation must be detected for the payment to be authenticated. 

The payment process is very much like other contactless payments but the increased security creates one key difference - even high-value transactions do not require the extra step of PIN entry. 

"The pilot underway at CBS demonstrates how fast payments technology is developing. In 2017 we launched Dankort on the mobile using brand new technology, and now only one year later customers can become their Dankort themselves," said Jeppe Juul-Andersen, VP of the Dankort sector, Nets. 

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