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Schuh fits for digital

Schuh fits for digital
Thursday May 31 2018

Specialist footwear retailer Schuh is implementing background music and digital signage across its 136 stores in UK, Ireland and Germany

The company will be working with technology and music provider Startle on the project over the next five years.

Startle has developed a tailored approach for Schuh, creating two distinct personalities for the in-store areas - schuh and schuh kids - which will complement each other. 

Coupled with Startle's bespoke 360° Profiling programme, expert advice will be on-hand 24/7 for schuh to continuously ensure the most suitable, up-to-date soundtracks are in place. 

Consistent experience 

Digital signage creates a brand new opportunity for schuh to interact directly with customers. By implementing Startle's digital signage system, Schuh will be able to tailor all promotions on a variety of factors, including but not limited to store location, time, date and even the customers in-store there and then, adapting instantly at the touch of a button. 

By combining all of the elements into one simple-to-navigate system, Schuh is hoping for a more engaging, memorable and consistent experience will be created in-store. 

Schuh retail director Phil Whittle said: "We conducted a thorough tender process for music and digital signage content solution for our 136 stores and are delighted to have agreed to partner with Startle. We were impressed by their innovative approach and promise of relentless 24/7 support for the end user, they certainly won us over in the pitch." 

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