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Beauty Bay expands payments options

Beauty Bay expands payments options
Tuesday July 24 2018

Online beauty retailer Beauty Bay has launched a new payments service enabling shoppers to buy now and pay later

Customers can now use Klarna’s Pay later service when checking out online, so they can receive their products and pay for them up to 30 days later, with no interest or fees. 

The announcement comes as Klarna also launches its latest research into the beauty industry revealing that those who purchase beauty products online put access, variety and getting there first top of their priorities, with 55% of shoppers preferring to shop online for beauty products so that they can access the latest products earlier. 

Beauty shoppers have also stated they want the basics done right when it comes to online shopping. Returns (38%), reviews (37%) and only showing items in stock (36%) all top the table for how to improve shopper experience; in comparison to inspirational recommendations (20%) or better personalisation (19%) which has less appeal. 

Split cost

Shoppers are also happy to invest more cash to secure better quality (73%), or longer lasting (74%) products, and a further 53% would like to be able to split the cost of these more expensive items.  

David Gabbie, joint executive officer at Beauty Bay, said: “Partnering with Klarna to offer their Pay later solution means we can give our customers more freedom and flexibility when buying online, helping us to boost sales, drive loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.”

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