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Walmart expands automated grocery kiosks

Walmart expands automated grocery kiosks
Thursday September 13 2018

Walmart is expanding its vending machines for online grocery orders with a second stage of the concept

The next phase of the kiosk – which allows customers to pick up online grocery orders immediately without interacting with employees – is being tested at its supercenter in Sherman, Texas.

Walmart tested its first automated grocery kiosk in Oklahoma last year. Walmart’s new kiosk is larger and can now serve five customers simultaneously compared to two previously. 

After customers have bought and paid for groceries online, Walmart employees pick and pack their orders and store them in bins in the refrigerated kiosk.

Barcode scanning 

Customers then pick up their orders by scanning a barcode located on the "order ready" email from Walmart and their groceries appear within one minute, bagged and ready to go.

The service is free but customers must spend at least $30 per order to use the service.

Walmart is also rolling out a similar smaller structure in 700 of its stores for picking up non-grocery orders placed online.

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