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Monsoon scores with omnichannel initiative

Monsoon scores with omnichannel initiative
Wednesday September 26 2018

Fashion retailer Monsoon has generated an additional £1.4 million in revenue in the first month of its Fashion Finder service

The service is a ship from store omnichannel initiative that gives ecommerce customers access to stock across the retailer’s store estate when items sell out online. 
Monsoon is working with OneStock, the stock unification technology specialist, effectively allowing stores to become a network of satellite warehouses. 

On one peak trading day since launch, Monsoon fulfilled 8,067 extra orders.
Maximise profitability 

Rather than seeing items marked as unavailable on, customers are informed that their order will be fulfilled by a store. Intelligent algorithms assign orders to the right stores to maximise profitability and minimise delivery time.
“Ship From Store is a transformational project for our business, an important milestone on the road to becoming a fully integrated omnichannel retailer,” said Paul Allen, CEO at Monsoon Accessorize. “We've been extremely pleased with the large number of orders and satisfied customers we've been able to serve thanks to Fashion Finder. It's now time to look at other customer journeys - click and collect and order in store - and benefit from the synergy with Ship From Store so that we increase customer satisfaction and optimise our fulfilment operation.”
Monsoon has connected OneStock’s omnichannel technology to existing ERP and delivery partner systems.
The fashion retailer also uses the cloud-based portal to improve stock accuracy in stores, by reporting when products can’t be shipped due to being missing, defective, reserved by a customer or subject to local markdown.

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