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Bloomingdale’s pop-up shop goes digital

Bloomingdale’s pop-up shop goes digital
Tuesday January 8 2019

US department store Bloomingdale’s is utilising cutting edge digital media technology at its new pop-up shop

Branded as “Carousel@Bloomingdale’s”, the retail experience includes two floor-to-ceiling video walls to immerse shoppers in a thematic visual landscape.

Design studio Float4 is developing six pieces of content for the Carousel’s first year, using techniques such as mixing live action footage and real-time graphics. 

Each piece will be approximately 10 minutes long, allowing customers to experience an entire storyline while shopping.

Immersive experience 

For the launch of the inaugural Urban Explorer theme, each video consists of 25 ultra-thin 55” LG displays in a 5x5 configuration and each wall received an additional 10 displays, resulting in 7x5 video walls that measure 10 feet high by 35 feet wide.

Bloomingdale’s chief marketing officer Frank Berman said: “The Carousel allows Bloomingdale's to regularly offer up new products, new brands and an original immersive experience, all tied to a timely and engaging theme. The engulfing screens create a cocoon-like feel, virtually transporting guests to new destinations, while the combination of unexpected product, unique shopping environment and engaging experiences makes the Carousel like no other pop-up shop in the world.”


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