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Primark software ensures deliveries

Primark software ensures deliveries
Thursday January 10 2019

Clothing retail chain Primark is ensuring its distribution centres run like clockwork with new software

It’s using Traka’s dock door and intelligent management solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and safety across its warehouse and distribution centres.

A key part of Primark’s success is its efficient distribution of goods to store to meet growing customer demands.  
To ensure effective turnaround times, Traka’s multifunctional DockSafe door dock solution was installed to stop vehicles prematurely leaving Goods Out Bays, alongside intelligent key management systems. 
David Flavell, Primark’s operations development manager – Supply Chain said: “Implementing the Traka DockSafe has been critical here. Not only is it simple to use, but also provides data on driver activity and bay usage, as well as increased peace of mind thanks to the prevention of driveways.  It ensures the system runs like clockwork.”

Robust protocol 

Traka’s intelligent DockSafe solution has been exclusively designed to stop vehicles prematurely leaving the Goods Out bays of a busy distribution centre.
DockSafe combines Traka’s iFob technology with a unique Susie lock to create a robust protocol where a vehicle must be immobilised prior to the loading dock door being opened. 

Once goods are loaded, the door must be closed and the loading bay clear of forklifts or personnel, before the vehicle can be unlocked and driven away.

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