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Moss Bros tailors analytics

Moss Bros tailors analytics
Tuesday March 12 2019

Men’s fashion retailer Moss Bros is using a new analytics platform to better understand their customers

The company is using the Contentsquare digital experience platform to gain a better understanding of how our customers are interacting with our websites.

Matthew Henton, head of ecommerce at Moss Bros, explained: “At Moss Bros. we have a strong test and learn culture and we conduct lots of AB testing onsite. What ContentSquare has enabled us to do is conduct post-test analysis to drill down into exactly why a particular test has won or not won. This has allowed us to improve the overall process of testing and deliver a much smarter approach to optimisation.”

Using the insights that Contentsquare delivers, Moss Bros can now easily identify points of friction, determine which areas of the site to test and use those results to offer different approaches for improved customer experience.
Increase traffic

Sitting alongside Dynamic Yield as part of the Moss Bros. optimisation toolkit, Contentsquare has already been used to increase traffic from a key product page to checkout by 14%, in addition to providing time-saving benefits. 

As a result, both conversion and revenue have increased – both up 13% – for that product page.
The platform also enables Moss Bros. to dig into the test results to understand why a particular test has won or lost so the brand’s entire digital team, from UX and digital acquisition to optimisation and trading, can continuously drive improvements.

Henton added: “Contentsquare drives benefits straight to the bottom line. It’s widely adopted across our entire digital team, from UX to digital acquisition to optimisation and trading, allowing them to easily identify points of friction. It allows us to be nimble and drive changes onto our site which are directly benefiting our customers.”

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