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Belstaff targets digital optimisation

Belstaff targets digital optimisation
Wednesday April 10 2019

Luxury brand Belstaff is looking to optimise its digital experience as it grows its ecommerce business

After building its online brand over the past 12 months, Belstaff has implemented a new optimisation approach for its website with the appointment of digital experience platform Contentsquare.

Implementing Contentsquare as part of its commitment to providing a superior digital experience, Belstaff’s ecommerce co-ordinator, Stephanie Cave, explained that optimising prioritisation using data-driven insights would be a key focus for the British clothing brand over the next year.

By going a step beyond traditional Google Analytics to provide actionable data-driven insights at speed, Contentsquare is assisting Stephanie and her team to extend their roles from taking care of the site’s content to encompass metadata, content categories, navigation on-site and more.

Actionable insight

Contentsquare’s platform is designed to fit neatly into ecommerce brands’ existing technology stacks and enables rapid identification of critical on-site areas of focus to test quickly, giving Belstaff actionable insight into why its online visitors behave in the specific ways that they do. 

This means that all of Belstaff’s changes both now and in the future can be data-driven, rather than based on speculative hypotheses - saving time and money.

Stephanie said: “The main thing that drew me to Contentsquare was it wasn’t just offering data, it was offering solutions. Rather than saying “here’s the data”, you do what you want with it, Contentsquare offered us the data and suggestions on how we could change or improve it to give our visitors a truly optimised experience.”

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