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Missguided tech to boost customer service

Missguided tech to boost customer service
Wednesday May 1 2019

Fashion retailer Missguided is looking to raise its customer service score by 20% with new customer experience software

It has deployed Upland’s Rant & Rave Platform to give employees throughout the business better access to real-time customer feedback, empowering them to make a difference to the customer experience in the moment.

In addition, Missguided is utilising the solution - which forms part of Upland’s newly established Customer Experience Management (CXM) suite - to ‘close the loop’ with customers who leave negative feedback, with the aim of reducing re-contact volumes by 10%.

Missguided wants to understand the factors that impact on the customer experience, as well as what drives customer advocacy. 

Using the Rant & Rave Platform, they’re aiming to do this by:

Providing access to a centralised dashboard that shows customer feedback in real-time, so operational and service improvements can be made, leading to an increase in customer experience scores by 10%

Reducing re-contact volumes by 10% by proactively responding to negative feedback using Upland’s Voice of the Customer solution

Online channels 
Requests for feedback are also sent out after interactions with contact centre agents via a multitude of online channels including social, email and web chat. 

The Rant & Rave technology allows customers to openly share their emotions during a shopping experience, rather than being restricted by business-led, multiple question surveys. 

“Prior to partnering with Upland Rant & Rave, we lacked the ability to consistently measure customer satisfaction. Using the Rant & Rave platform enables us to not only understand how our customers feel, but also take action in response to their feedback, therefore improving our customers' experience,” said Scott Barker, head of customer service at Missguided.

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