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Engaging new platform for ASICS

 Engaging new platform for ASICS
Friday May 10 2019

Global sports brand ASICS’ is implementing a new customer engagement platform

It will be using the Narvar post-purchase technology to a provide premium shopping and tracking experience across Europe 

Recognising the influence that post-purchase experiences have on brand loyalty and customer lifetime value, Narvar’s platform has been selected by ASICS to uphold its status as a ‘premium sports brand’ by ensuring that customers are given high quality, seamless experiences. 

Using Narvar’s Ship & Track solution, ASICS customers in 11 European markets will now be able to engage with the brand in eight diufferent languages. 

Smarter delivery 

These customers will all receive smarter delivery predictions before they hit the buy button, and proactive tracking notifications after purchases.

ASICS will also implement Narvar’s Return solution to streamline its returns processes for customers.

Rick Hoving, website operations manager, ASICS EMEA said: “Through implementing Narvar’s post-purchase technologies, ASICS is excited to now provide its European eCommerce customers with a more premium shopping and tracking experience after they’ve hit the buy button. We’ve boosted our service levels and can communicate with customers more regularly and far more effectively.”

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