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Prada and partner up in China

Prada and partner up in China
Tuesday June 18 2019

Iconic luxury brand Prada is expanding its digital presence in China by partnering with its largest retailer –

As part of the agreement, Prada opened an authorised flagship store on on June 17. 

In addition, Miu Miu and Car Shoe, brands under Prada Group, have also opened authorised flagship stores on JD on June 17.

Prada Group’s online business reported double digit growth in 2018 and the company is planning to establish an online presence for all of its sub-brands by the end 2020. 

Digital strategy

Prada’s partnership with JD represents an important part of the company’s digital strategy in the Chinese market.

Kevin Jiang, president of international business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle, said: “International brands are increasingly recognising the power of JD when expanding into China’s burgeoning luxury market, and we look forward to helping Prada connect with China’s sophisticated consumers.”

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