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Hermes deploys new barcode software

Hermes deploys new barcode software
Monday July 8 2019

Parcel delivery firm Hermes has made a key step towards its achieving its digital transformation goal by implementing new barcode software

It has deployed Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning on smartphones for verification and proof of delivery. 

Over the next three years, Hermes UK is working towards replacing more than 15,000 costly, dedicated barcode scanners with smartphones loaded with a Scandit-powered Android app. 

Couriers will scan items, record an electronic signature, verify an ID and take a picture of where a package has been left - all done with smartphones.  

The new technology saves time and money, streamlines the entire delivery process, and provides a mobile platform for rapid roll-out of future service improvements that further enhance operations and customer experience.

Customer information
During the migration period, Hermes UK couriers will also begin using additional Scandit software features, MatrixScan and augmented reality (AR) overlays. 

This means couriers will scan multiple barcodes at once to search for and find a specific item really quickly and view parcel/customer information overlaid on the device screen.

Hermes is currently implementing the use of MatrixScan-AR overlays for code identification, delivering efficiency and productivity gains. 
Chris Ashworth, Hermes UK CIO, said: “Enabling couriers to carry a smartphone not only helps us to improve operational efficiency, but also improves the working lives of couriers who can now use their own phone, or a Hermes provided phone, rather than having to carry a barcode scanner.” 

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