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Lonely Planet enhances online platforms

 Lonely Planet enhances online platforms
Thursday July 11 2019

Travel brand Lonely Planet has rolled our newly reinvigorated online platforms

It has partnered with Acquia for the initiative which will equip Lonely Planet with a seamless and more user friendly travel website. 

Lonely Planet’s choice in partnering with Acquia was a natural fit considering its open source platform supportive of digital freedom and flexibility, which provides Lonely Planet with the tools necessary to efficiently build, operate and optimise its users digital experience. 

The company has introduced streamlined navigation capabilities for travel discovery, inspiration, and trip planning by offering quality content shared in a highly personalised way.
User experience 

With the integration of Acquia’s web personalisation tool, Acquia Lift, Lonely Planet has the ability to independently operate its fully customisable user experience, leveraging up-to-the-minute data which communicates its users preferred content and experiences, promptly timed and placed. 

“By deciding to work with Acquia, Lonely Planet has the freedom to continue advancing its technology, features and experiences, making one of the most transformative impacts on the digital travel industry from a user perspective,” said Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera.

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