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Skechers modernises POS

Skechers modernises POS
Tuesday August 6 2019

Footwear and lifestyle brand Skechers is implementing new POS technology as part of its modernisation

With Skechers tripling its retail presence in the past five years, it recognised the need to adopt more modern solutions that would serve the needs of its business now and in the future. 

As a consequence, it has chosen Aptos solutions for points of sale and sales audits, and will leverage the Company’s microservices-based SaaS platform, Aptos ONE.
“We were impressed with Aptos’ ability to implement software on a global stage with a single master configuration, solutions that are proven at scale and functionally robust, and their investments in innovation, including modern, API-driven architecture,” said Chris Coye, senior vice president of information technology at Skechers. 
Seamless experience 

Utilising Aptos Store for points of sale, Skechers will achieve a single view of customers, products and orders to enable seamless experiences across channels. 

And with its store system, the solution is designed to empower Skechers personnel to offer informed customer service, faster checkouts and individualised customer engagement. 

With Aptos ONE Store Commerce, Skechers will also benefit from technology that allows transactions to be processed anytime, anywhere on locally resilient mobile devices. 

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