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Feelunique applies analytics

Feelunique applies analytics
Friday August 23 2019

Online beauty retailer Feelunique is turning to a new analytics platform to improve ecommerce functionality

It has partnered with analytics platform Contentsquare to replatform it’s online presence and increase conversion rates and revenue.

Offering additional visualisation and ease of use that traditional analytics tools do not yet provide, Feelunique recognised the benefits that the digital insights platform’s user experience analysis would offer its content planning team and the business overall.  

Through making user experience insights and interpretation of analytics data available to everyone in the company, Contentsquare has enabled the personal transformation of Feelunique’s team, at every level of the business, to make decisions to improve the site and increase conversions and revenue. 

Relevant content 

Contentsquare’s visual dashboard has enhanced the beauty e-retailer’s digital decision-making and offers  Feelunique’s teams the opportunity to provide their customers with more relevant content in line with those customer's individual preferences.

Carla Martini, head of content planning and publishing at Feelunique, said: “Contentsquare is now an integral part of my daily routine as it allows me to quickly make decisions that have a positive impact on both conversions and revenue.”

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