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New kit reaches Liverpool FC fans

Friday May 14 2010

MetaPack goes live in time to deliver vintage design kit to Liverpool Football Club fans

MetaPack goes live in time to deliver vintage design kit to Liverpool Football Club fans


Liverpool Football Club (FC) is looking back to the future with a new take on a vintage design incorporating the latest sportswear technology for the 2010/12 home kit.


The club has chosen e-fulfilment software from provider, MetaPack to manage despatch of the new kit. It went live with MetaPack two weeks before the pre-order launch of the new kit, as a strategic decision to streamline their operation in anticipation of the surge of orders.


Chris Jennions, internet sales manager at Liverpool FC explained: “The introduction of MetaPack into our fulfilment process has helped us to significantly increase the volume of orders we can despatch on a daily basis. The manual despatch process we previously employed had always limited our productivity during key trading. During our recent home kit launch MetaPack enabled us to despatch a record volume of orders with relative ease.”


Ensuring timely delivery


The kit has been available for pre-order online weeks before its launch date on 6 May, with the promise to fans that they will receive it on that date. Jennions explained how the club is using MetaPack to manage this, “during a kit launch the online business is pre-order driven and we have been taking pre-orders for the past six weeks,” as Jennions explained. “If you pre-order the kit it is guaranteed to land on the 6 May (all countries), therefore 97% of our orders have already been processed through MetaPack and are now being phased into the DHL network dependant on transit time.” In this way MetaPack automatically allocates each consignment to the most efficient DHL service so that each customer receives their order by 6 May without paying a premium or flooding the system.


The allocation of consignments within MetaPack goes further, making use of enhanced expression functionality, routing parcels with smaller monetary value with Royal Mail and all others with DHL. In that way, making the most out of the services each carrier offers.


Improved levels of customer service


Jennions has also noticed a 50% reduction in “where is my order” customer service calls since the introduction of the delivery management system: “MetaPack reduced the volume of inbound calls to our customer service team almost overnight thanks to the automated tracking e-mail it sends to our customers,” added Jennions. “This functionality will help us cut costs in the long term and improve the service we offer our customers.”


But that’s not all for the football club, as their optimism for the new season builds, Jennions also sees great things for their online concern, “going forward MetaPack will enable us to broaden our horizons with regards to delivery options we offer our customers, something we could have never had contemplated prior to MetaPack integration”.


He concluded: “MetaPack is by far the leading delivery solution and their client list reinforces this, it is one of those enhancements that we now look back on and wonder how we ever coped without it.”