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National Portrait Gallery helpdesk frees up time

Monday June 21 2010

Major London visitor attraction decreases time spent on ‘fire-fighting’ work by 25-35%, saving its IT department between two and three hours per day

Major London visitor attraction decreases time spent on ‘fire-fighting’ work by 25-35%, saving its IT department between two and three hours per day


The National Portrait Gallery has freed up time and resources and improved its day-to-day efficiency in tackling IT helpdesk tasks, using the Numara Track-It! helpdesk product from service desk and asset management solutions provider, Numara Software.


The IT team at the National Portrait Gallery consists of five people who receive about 250 queries per month, which range from minor problems such as forgotten passwords to major incidents. Prior to implementing Numara Track-It!, all IT help desk queries were managed manually. However, since its implementation in 2006, the National Portrait Gallery has made significant savings in time and resources, and decreased its daily ‘fire-fighting’ work by 25 to 35%, which equates to between two and three hours per day.


Serving diverse user community


The National Portrait Gallery has more than 200 employees, split across two sites in London and connected via extensive corridors. It needed a more controlled and automated helpdesk environment and so chose Numara Software for its functionality, cost-effectiveness, and also its change management, IT asset management remote control and patch management capabilities.


Ann Lahiff, IT infrastructure and development manager at the National Portrait Gallery was a member of the team that initially chose the helpdesk product: “Numara Track-It! was well-known and when we saw the product we felt that it was a very cost-effective and widely adaptable solution.”


The National Portrait Gallery recently upgraded to the latest version of Numara Track-It! 9 and Louis Brady, head of IT added that he was thrilled with how the different modules within the product have benefited the IT team and staff.


Remote control saves time


“The modules and capabilities within Numara Track-It! are good. The remote control agent has been one of the most beneficial, because although we are on one site, there are two buildings with lots of winding corridors to go through and users can in effect be quite far away. I would have to say that this capability saves us between two to three hours each day, as we don’t have to physically get up from our desks and go to staff to fix the problem.


“The Inventory module is also very important as it allows us to record all of the gallery’s IT estate and ensures that we have an up-to-date record of what software is installed on each piece of equipment and that we are 100% compliant. It’s really helped when it comes to reporting, as the comprehensive reports that it produces are important in ensuring that we are delivering a good service.”


Brady concluded: ““Numara Track-It! is an excellent product, which delivers control, automation and superb help desk and asset management functionality at a very cost-effective price. It’s definitely helped us free up more time and resources within the IT team and it’s also helped us improve the communication within our department.”