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Esso rolls out payments app

Published 20.10.17 in News
Esso is rolling out its mobile payments app across UK service stations

Is the Clubcard dead as a loyalty scheme?

Published 26.02.14 in Ask The Expert
Simon Towner, retail technology expert, questions whether the scheme, its format and its competitive value are costing Tesco more than it gains

Tesco Clubcard serves up digital pizza rewards

Published 30.10.12 in News
PizzaExpress first on the menu to supply instant digital rewards for Clubcard members

Online coupons prove most popular

Published 15.11.11 in News
YouGov survey highlights consumers more likely to redeem coupons printed online compared to those sourced elsewhere

Tesco confirms Wi-Fi pilot

Published 26.07.11 in News
CIO confirms offer of wireless internet access throughout its stores to boost customer engagement levels

Tesco Clubcard uses ‘flash sale’ techniques

Published 02.06.11 in News
Rewards scheme builds customer excitement around limited rewards promotions

Web traffic tool supports Tesco Clubcard campaign

Published 06.12.10 in News
Supermarket uses Akamai to achieve 90% offload of 120Mb/s traffic in its Christmas 2010 online loyalty card campaign

Dialling into m-commerce

Published 22.07.10 in News
Standards body, GS1 offers best practice advice on ensuring a clear mobile conversation with consumers
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