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Market Analysis

Flexible fulfillment: adapting your supply chain to meet demand

Flexible fulfillment: adapting your supply chain to meet demand

Wednesday August 6 2014

Anil Gandharve examines the changes required of the retail supply chain to better answer customer demands for flexible fulfilment

Expanding product range without inventory or cost

Wednesday July 30 2014

Marketplace expert Adrien Nussenbaum focuses on the most effective ways for a retailer to expand its product range, without costing the earth

Why retailers shouldn't fear powerful customers

Why retailers shouldn't fear powerful customers

Tuesday July 22 2014

Tom Whitney discusses what retailers can do to embrace the age of the ‘powerful customer’

Mobile: a key driver of retail

Monday July 14 2014

Mobile marketing expert Mikko Lietsalmi says m-commerce is more than just another item on the ‘to-do’ list of modern retailers

Ensuring digital innovation delivers value for retailers

Monday June 16 2014

Manufacturing marketer Natalie Cummins focuses on the blending of online and physical retail spaces and on how retailers can adopt a pragmatic approach to digital innovation

Mobile engagement helps retail overcome survey fatigue

Friday April 11 2014

Mobile customer engagement expert Tony Busa questions why up to 80% of shoppers walk out of stores without making a purchase? Equally important, he asks how do you convert them?

Retailers should take more notice of 'super shoppers'

Wednesday April 9 2014

IT service support expert Alan Watson discusses the importance this segment of the market plays and questions whether retailers are doing enough to attract and retain these elite customers

The three stages of social

Friday March 28 2014

Social sales and marketing expert Gideon Lask takes a look at who's who in terms of using social networking to increase brand engagement, customer advocacy and profits from online

2014: The year of innovative customer service

Friday March 21 2014

Business and IT process automation expert Neil Kinson reflects upon how retailers can improve their customer service to achieve a competitive edge in 2014

What you need to know about cloud bursting

Thursday February 27 2014

Application networks expert Nathan Pearce explains everything online retailers should know about this new application deployment model to assure e-commerce uptime

Learning the lessons of the Target breach

Tuesday February 11 2014

IT security expert Corey Nachreiner provides retailers with six key network security learnings from the recent Target data breach in the US

'Tis the season of mobile opportunity

Friday February 7 2014

Web performance expert Tim Bisley reflects on the continued growth of mobile shopping over last Christmas and highlights the lessons retailers should learn