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Special Reports

Maximising instore IT returns

Friday August 19 2011

Retailers with a bricks-and-mortar presence are facing particularly tough times, given the challenging economic climate and its negative impact on consumer confidence

Retail and the mobile revolution

Thursday June 23 2011

Retail Technology magazine's annual feature on mobile technology use in retail has come around at a time when it seems every retailer launching initiatives to harness its benefits internally or with customer-facing applications   Ray Stanton, managing director of software and consulting services provider SCL, said that exploiting new mobile platforms to queue bust, accelerate sales, drive footfall and boost revenue is paramount for the retail environment.  

Retail IT threat landscape worsens

Friday April 22 2011

As we finalise Retail Technology magazine's annual examination of retail’s loss prevention and security technology landscape, an unprecedented number of email data security breaches have come to light

Square changes the shape of retail payments?

Tuesday February 1 2011

Square, a new payments device due to be launched in 2010, is causing quite a stir, according to Christine Bardwell, Ovum retail technology analyst

The Back Office Issue

Thursday December 10 2009

Every area of a retailer’s operations is reliant on communication and technology to facilitate it.

The Offshoring Issue

Thursday December 10 2009

Special Report March 2009: The idea of outsourcing is not a new one. Just as technology has taken on greater responsibility for automating key business processes, so the proposition of shifting that responsibility and associated risk to a third party has become more attractive.