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Carrefour announces new delivery scheme

Date: 19.07.19 | Section: News

Carrefour optimises inventory

Date: 10.07.19 | Section: News
French retail giant Carrefour is implementing new software aimed at optimising inventory availability

CASE STUDY: Carrefour Group harmonises cross-border payments

Date: 16.11.17 | Section: News

Carrefour makes its marketing more effective

Date: 18.07.14 | Section: News
The advertising arm of the Carrefour group has consolidated data from disparate sources to focus its ad investment

Carrefour extends self-scanning roll out

Date: 12.11.10 | Section: News
My-Scan chosen in Belgium to offer customers a higher level of shopping convenience

Self-learning scales boost Carrefour sales

Date: 24.08.10 | Section: News
Bizerba install scales with automatic article recognition in European hypermarkets to transition to self-service era