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Is the Clubcard dead as a loyalty scheme?

Date: 26.02.14 | Section: Ask The Expert
Simon Towner, retail technology expert, questions whether the scheme, its format and its competitive value are costing Tesco more than it gains

Fighting coupon mis-redemption

Date: 23.04.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Brendan McKeown, voucher and coupon data management and financial clearing technology expert, highlights the benefits to retailers of adopting e-clearing

Tesco Clubcard serves up digital pizza rewards

Date: 30.10.12 | Section: News
PizzaExpress first on the menu to supply instant digital rewards for Clubcard members

Tesco Clubcard uses ‘flash sale’ techniques

Date: 02.06.11 | Section: News
Rewards scheme builds customer excitement around limited rewards promotions

Web traffic tool supports Tesco Clubcard campaign

Date: 06.12.10 | Section: News
Supermarket uses Akamai to achieve 90% offload of 120Mb/s traffic in its Christmas 2010 online loyalty card campaign