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HMV improves staff productivity with new tech

Date: 10.04.18 | Section: News
Entertainment retailer HMV has transformed its employee experience and productivity with new software

Skills & experience hold key to retail IT success

Date: 18.09.13 | Section: Ask The Expert
Industry HR expert Karen Richards discusses the specific skills and experience needed to succeed in a senior role within retail technology

HMV retunes e-auctions

Date: 27.10.11 | Section: News
Hosted e-procurement software unlocks operational and management savings for UK entertainment retailer

HMV rolls out 'fast-forward' technology

Date: 02.09.11 | Section: News
Expanded HMV Technology buying team now in place as 150-store new technology deployment gets underway

HMV comms provides superfast shopping

Date: 26.03.10 | Section: News
Wide area network to connect 600 UK retail sites with fast broadband supports online and in-store customer experience

HMV makes sound kiosk investment

Date: 11.12.09 | Section: News
HMV, the UK and Ireland specialist retailer of music, DVD/video, computer games and related products, has introduced self-service kiosks into its stores to improve the overall customer experience.
The kiosks are the result of a deal with payments services company, YESpay its touchscreen kiosk specialist partner, Neo Products UK.