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Catching the on-the-go consumer

Date: 06.04.18 | Section: Ask The Expert
Winning over the on-the-go consumer is crucial to modern retail, but how do you do it? Data is the key according to Smriti Kataria, director of research and marketing for Near

Data the key to Christmas cheer

Date: 01.12.17 | Section: Ask The Expert
Ken Parnham, general manager Europe, Near, explains why making the most of your customer data is key to a merry Christmas for retailers

Nearly 50% of retailers may flee High Street

Date: 25.07.13 | Section: News
The lure of cheaper out-of-town premises is attractive to half of UK retailers, being better suited to multichannel models

Nearly half UK are last-minute shoppers

Date: 27.11.11 | Section: News
But over two thirds of consumers don't trust retail sites to deliver the goods on time this Christmas