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Walmart plans 3D selection of fresh items

Date: 19.01.18 | Section: News
A new patent filing from Walmart reveals plans for an online 3D purchasing option which allows the consumer to browse fresh grocery items as they would in store

Walmart expands app testing

Date: 12.01.18 | Section: News
Walmart is expanding a test of its Mobile Express Scan & Go app to an additional 100 stores across the US

Walmart adds new research software

Date: 10.11.17 | Section: News
Walmart is to implement new research software that will centralise its online research operations and reduce cost

Walmart goes live with voice shopping

Date: 10.10.17 | Section: News

Walmart adds Express service to app

Date: 29.08.17 | Section: News

Walmart tech bypasses checkouts

Date: 14.08.17 | Section: News
Walmart shoppers in the US can bypass checkout lanes altogether with new technology being rolled out

Walmart developing facial recognition

Date: 21.07.17 | Section: News
Walmart will look to find out exactly how happy or unhappy its customers are with facial recognition technology

Walmart -store touchscreens

Date: 13.03.17 | Section: News
Walmart is trying out the use of touchscreen monitors in toy aisles in Texas

Walmart plans motorised shopping trolleys

Date: 20.09.16 | Section: News
Walmart has filed a patent for a device that will automatically take a trolley to wherever you are in their stores and even continue shopping with you

Expanding product range without inventory or cost

Date: 30.07.14 | Section: Market Analysis
Marketplace expert Adrien Nussenbaum focuses on the most effective ways for a retailer to expand its product range, without costing the earth