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Five ways iBeacons can change retail

Date: 22.11.13 | Section: Market Analysis

Business change driving ERP costs sky high

Date: 09.07.13 | Section: Market Analysis
Survey finds ERP software change issues related to business events are not resolved by more recently developed systems

Are retailers prepared for the age of the individual?

Date: 29.05.13 | Section: Ask The Expert
Given the unprecedented pace of change in the global marketplace, retail IT expert Sarah Taylor discusses how retailers need to adapt to individual customer demands to survive

Using analytics to change retail outcomes

Date: 22.02.13 | Section: Market Analysis
K.R. Sanjiv and P. Srinivasa Rao of Wipro Technologies argue that analytics are the key to developing competitive differentiators in an increasingly diverse and complex retail market

Technology change throws spotlight on support

Date: 14.07.10 | Section: News
Rapid technological developments in retail means that retailers must ensure that their technology is adequately maintained and managed, according to Richard Cottrell, sales and marketing director at Vista Retail Support