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CIOs warn on mainframe skill shortage

Date: 18.02.14 | Section: News
Global survey shows limited progress is being made on preparing for risks of skills shortfall, where retail CIOs fear failure to act could hurt their businesses

Retail still reliant on mainframes

Date: 31.12.13 | Section: News
Global survey uncovers mobile's big impact, prompting CIOs in industries reliant on the mainframe to re-examine performance management strategies

“Hidden costs” of mainframe outsourcing frustrate

Date: 26.12.13 | Section: News
Research finds 67% of companies dissatisfied with quality of output from mainframe outsourcers; IT teams spend an average of 10 days fixing performance issues

SURVEY: Consumers avoid store service

Date: 05.09.13 | Section: News
New research suggests consumers are being driven online by increasingly bad shopfloor retail experiences

Research sheds light on online marketing knowledge gaps

Date: 26.11.10 | Section: News
Specialist affiliate marketing company finds campaign integration expertise lacking

Supply chain knowledge is power

Date: 30.09.10 | Section: News
Brian McDill, Norbert Dentressangle Logistics UK solutions and operations director, discusses how to make the most out of returns in a multichannel retailing environment

A voucher for you – knowledge for me

Date: 13.04.10 | Section: News
Loyalty expert, Simon Helliwell outlines how to ensure loyalty schemes continue to deliver rewards