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Intermarché boosts Portuguese supply chain

Date: 23.10.19 | Section: News

Brands to develop self-driving supply chains

Date: 17.06.19 | Section: News spoke to Aera Technology about building real-time supply chain management and analytics systems

CASE STUDY: Brandt expands with enhanced supply chain

Date: 18.10.18 | Section: News
Home appliances maker Brandt Group has optimised the supply of washing machines, cutting costs and excess stock by up to a third after implementing supply chain software

Lavazza brews up supply chain upgrade

Date: 02.10.18 | Section: News
Coffee brand Lavazza has revamped its global supply chain with new software

Co-op increases supply chain insight

Date: 02.07.18 | Section: News
UK convenience retailer Co-op has announced a new technology deal that will deliver daily supply chain insight

7-Eleven upgrades supply chain

Date: 26.04.18 | Section: News
US convenience retailer 7-Eleven has maintained superior full rates and reduced inventory costs with new supply chain software

Wolseley to transform supply chain

Date: 25.04.18 | Section: News
Plumbing and building materials supplier Wolseley is looking to transform its supply chain with new cloud software

Marks and Spencer enhances supply chain visibility

Date: 19.03.18 | Section: News
Marks and Spencer will transform its supply chain visibility and enhance its supplier relationships with a new platform looks to foster supply chain innovation

Date: 13.03.18 | Section: News
Chinese ecommerce giant is launching an initiative to promote the development of next-generation smart supply chain technologies

Kicks gets supply chain makeover

Date: 09.02.18 | Section: News
Swedish cosmetics retailer Kicks has chosen new supply chain management software as part of a complete makeover of supply chain operations