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Ensuring digital innovation delivers value for retailers

Date: 16.06.14 | Section: Market Analysis
Manufacturing marketer Natalie Cummins focuses on the blending of online and physical retail spaces and on how retailers can adopt a pragmatic approach to digital innovation

Are end-of-season 'sales' the best way to clear stock?

Date: 13.02.14 | Section: Ask The Expert
Online sales technology expert Phil Bird ponders the short-term gains of selling off surplus stock cheaply against the long-term risks to brand and the bottom line

EXCLUSIVE: US consumers value retail Wi-Fi

Date: 10.01.14 | Section: News
Results of an exclusive shopper survey reveal why offering free public Wi-Fi in retail spaces in a growing trend on both sides of the Atlantic

Consumers buying online value delivery

Date: 06.01.14 | Section: News
Survey results suggest delivery timeframes, not social media, is top of the list of consumer expectations when completing purchases online

Big data analytics add value find surveys

Date: 17.07.13 | Section: News
Two retailer and consumer product manufacturers studies from around world suggest analytics positively improve stock price

Basket value declines despite May e-retail growth

Date: 20.06.13 | Section: News
Online retail sales up 16% year-on-year, up 5% on April and conversion rates improve, although baskets sizes are down

Shoppers value click & collect convenience

Date: 17.10.12 | Section: News
Research finds more speed and convenience are required to satisfy multichannel out-of-town consumers

North Americans value self-checkout

Date: 05.09.11 | Section: News
Supermarkets ranked most successful in survey on the use of technology to improve customer service

Adding customer value with prepaid cards

Date: 05.07.11 | Section: News
Ajay Sethi, an expert on payments innovation, comments on how retailers can add value to the customer via prepaid cards and what the future has in store for the sector

Driving value from social commerce

Date: 07.03.11 | Section: News
Spreadshirt, the global creative platform for personalised apparel, is seeing a rise in connecting social media campaigns to tangible offerings, or a kind of 'social commerce'