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Sainsbury’s automates supplier invoices

Sainsbury’s has automated the processing of supplier invoices with 90% processed without manual intervention

With hundreds of thousands of different products coming from a network of over 4,000 suppliers, Sainsbury’s receives over five million supplier invoices a year for the food and non-food products that it sells in its stores. 


The accounts payable team is responsible for matching these invoices against receipts to ensure they are only paying for stock that has actually been received and at the contracted price.


Sainsbury’s is now using itim’s invoice matching software to ensure that 98% of supplier invoices are paid to terms.


Streamlined process 


“You certainly don’t want to be manually handling those volumes over a year!” said Anthony Robinson, group P2P manager at Sainsbury’s.


Using itim’s invoice matching solution, Didos, and the very streamlined process that they have created, Robinson and his team of just 25 people are now able to handle 400,000 invoices a month with only 10% requiring any manual intervention.


“Having seen other products, Didos is the best one I’ve seen,”adds Robinson. “It handles the high volumes and is very flexible; but most importantly, it just works! I can’t recall a time when it’s gone down or that we’ve had a major issue. It’s become part of our DNA.”

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