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PicWicToys launches self-checkout

French toy retailer PicWicToys has launched a mobile self-checkout solution

It has implemented MishiPay’s ‘Scan, Pay, Play’ system so customers can scan and pay for items using their smartphone, leaving them free to exit the store with their purchases without any need to queue or wait at a conventional checkout.


The partnership with MishiPay will first see the system launched in stores in Lomme, Caen-Mondeville, Villeneuve D’Ascq, St Maximin (Creil) and Le Havre.


Speaking about the launch, Mathieu Charent, team leader of transformation & innovation of PicWicToys said: “We want to eliminate all friction from the experience of shopping at PicWicToys. In today’s digital world, customers have come to expect a shopping experience that is smooth and enjoyable.”



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