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McDonalds is loving new mobile payments

McDonalds has signed up for a new global mobile payments service

It has entered into an agreement to make Adyen’s payments platform available to McDonald’s markets throughout the world, beginning with the UK early next year.

“With Adyen’s scalable platform, McDonald’s will be able to continue to provide customers a seamless experience through a variety of payment methods that align with the unique needs of our markets,” said Leandro Balbinot, SVP of global technology and digital at McDonald’s. “We look forward to rolling out this platform in several markets internationally, beginning with the UK in early 2020.”

Adyen’s single platform brings scalability through one integration so food and beverage brands have a consistent customer experience everywhere they operate.

In addition to making it easier to add new stores, markets, or regions, Adyen also offers support for preferred payment methods as well a single data view and customer insights.


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