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Taco Bell fires up personalisation

Mexican-inspired fast food chain Taco Bell is increasing the personal issuing of its customer service

Taco Bell is working with Certona to personalise menu recommendations and offers for registered users of its mobile app.

This solution enables Taco Bell to support individual guest preferences, past dining history, location, weather and restaurant specific menus and pricing.

It plans to show guests the most relevant menu items, promotions and content based on a particular individual and visit.

Tailored experience

Additionally, the company accounts for different menu items and pricing across regions to provide guests a tailored experience.

“Taco Bell is all about satisfying our fans with the most craveable dining experience imaginable. Of course, we know each of our fans has their favourites and their own preferences. As a forward-looking company, we’re using the latest machine learning and AI technology to better deliver on those individual preferences,” said Derrick Chan, director ecommerce for Taco Bell.


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