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Mpreis rolls out digital storefront

Austrian grocer Mpreis has rolled out a localised digital storefront that shows the availability of produce across the entirety of its network of 280 stores

The storefront is intended to deliver a consistent and personalised instore and online shopping experience for all customers, support the group’s traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores and reduce costs associated with using less effective channels, such as the use of printed promotional material, to reach customers.

To provide the best possible user experience and enable the group to manage its online presence in an agile manner, Mpreis selected SAAS AG’s Grocery Commerce Cloud.

SAAS’s ecommerce platform uses a headless commerce approach, where backend and frontend aspects of the overall e-commerce set-up are separated.

Future developments

This has allowed Mpreis to work with a variety of specialist agencies, including Austrian web development agency Club Drei, who were responsible for building the digital storefront, and Munich based COBE, who have been responsible for managing user experience across all digital touchpoints.

SAAS’s Grocery Commerce Cloud also consists of an ecommerce backend that is made up of a variety of ‘microservices’ that are connected by APIs, making it easier for Mpreis to manage future developments and improvements to customer experience across its ecommerce platform. In total, SAAS AG’s microservices and APIs provide the solution for managing product data, administering content and processing orders.

Ulrich Theilmann, head of digital transformation & ecommerce at Mpreis, said: “Our digital storefront will give customers options and flexibility when it comes to picking products from across our stores. We deliberately chose a headless commerce platform because it provided us with the ability to create an online user experience in an individual and innovative way using a variety of partners.”



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