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Peacocks selects new sourcing solution

Friday July 16 2010

Retailer is to use new web-based system to streamline supplier communications

Retailer is to use new web-based system to streamline supplier communications


Peacocks, the value fashion retailer, has chosen ediTRACK for its new web-based sourcing solution.


By enabling a common sourcing approach, the solution will allow Peacocks to collaborate more closely with their suppliers and partners all around the world and achieve improved efficiency and compliance.


Currently Peacocks operate over 500 stores in the UK and more than 90 in 13 overseas countries. The firm focuses on being a value for money fashion retailer, selling clothing and footwear for men, women and children.


Tighter supply chain fits model


The secret of Peacocks success is its ability to react quickly to fashion trends at affordable prices, delivering fast value fashion to its customers, day in and day out. Between 30 and 50 new womenswear lines arrive in store every week.


Peacocks have now chosen to embark on a project with ediTRACK to advance their sourcing process to support their continued growth and success in the retail fashion industry.


EdiTRACK’s sourcing solution will provide significant and measurable benefits to Peacocks and transform the way in which they work with their suppliers and partners.


Staying ahead with visibility


The web-hosted solution will provide complete critical path tracking and management of information from ‘design’ or ‘request for quotes,’ through to ‘cost analyses’ and ‘final product seal’. This will give cross-company visibility, alerting to slippage against the critical path and enabling advanced supplier performance analysis.


The provider outlined the predicted benefits of the new sourcing solution. These include improved efficiency and compliance through a common sourcing approach and improved access to global suppliers for lower cost, higher quality goods.


It said the retailer would also benefit from reduced lead-times through proactive management and issue alerting; improved analysis of information to compare quotes for vendor negotiations; a continuous improvement process for suppliers; and it will also empower all parties to make more timely decisions based on accurate information.