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Maginus puts cloud services on horizon

Saturday October 16 2010

Introduces new services to help customers cost-effectively flex with computing requirements

Introduces new services to help customers cost-effectively flex with computing requirements


Maginus, providers of integrated software solutions for multichannel retail and distribution companies, has announced the launch of Maginus Cloud Services.


Following three years of experience of running its own data centre services, hosting websites and back-office systems, Maginus has decided to introduce its own range of cloud services to customers.


The provider said the services will enable retailers to be more flexible in line with the computing requirements of their own trading patterns and respond faster to new business requirements. Retailers will be able to call on cloud computing resources as they are needed, as well as rapidly deploy new infrastructure and services.


Simon Dunleavy, Maginus director of managed services, said: “Modern retailers face a host of technology challenges and IT is still often perceived as a necessary evil. Our service aims to help take away a retailer’s pain points, which are often the solutions that deliver the least tangible business benefit, such as email, intranets and day-to-day tools such as Microsoft Office. We can deploy and host these solutions quickly, safely and securely via our cloud services, leaving our customers to concentrate on running their businesses. The challenges associated with managing, maintaining and upgrading these situations can be costly and time consuming. However, Maginus Cloud Services will deal with these concerns.”


Reducing cost of new tech acquisition


The technology is suitable for retailers of all sizes according to the company. Dunleavy added: “A variety of organisations both large and small can use Maginus Cloud Services. We also aim to help our customers to deploy and implement some of the more aspirational technologies, which may have previously been out of reach due to cost and complexity. Why shouldn’t our customers enjoy a world class SharePoint solution or improve their productivity with feature rich communication and collaboration tools? The nature of our platform also means businesses can migrate slowly and steadily if they’re concerned about moving too much to the cloud too soon.”


Russell Dorset, sales and marketing director at Maginus, said: “Now is a perfect time for us to extend our services and products with the launch of Maginus Cloud Services. This is an ideal opportunity for any retailers who use Exchange, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Windows or SharePoint who would like to upgrade their resources but have found costs prohibitive and complex.”