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Store displays under EuroShop spotlight

Thursday January 20 2011

Fairfield will be exhibiting innovative digital signage and LED store lighting offerings at Europe’s biggest retail trade fair

Visual communications specialist Fairfield is targeting the fact that the way people are shopping has changed rapidly over the last few years with the growth of e-commerce. 

It recently said retail displays need to work with and engage the multichannel approach to shopping by assisting customers in finding products they have seen on the website.

Due to tight margins, a great number of retailers have had to opt for smaller units meaning that in many stores there is not enough space to show their complete range. In these situations access to the internet can greatly assist in developing additional sales. The new retail environment needs to work at multiple levels.

Solution range showcased

Fairfield has developed a range of customisable systems that are designed to help retailers communicate their marketing messages, from printed posters to multimedia. And it will show its very latest concepts on stand #5H30 at EuroShop, the global retail exhibition, being held in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 26 February to 2 March 2011.

Show highlights will include the creative usage of the very latest in floating light boxes. 2010’s best-selling LED Light Pockets are at the cusp of LED technology, where the floating light boxes are ideal for creating stunning window displays to wow customers according to the company.

Fairfield has also put together a range of digital signage ideas that have been designed to be easy to use. From simple media players to complete web-based solutions, along with innovative ways of displaying screens in display stands and on The Suspended Rod System, the company is aiming to make it possible for a non-technical person to easily manage screens at multiple sites and update then in seconds.

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