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Affiliate network highlights a growing number of retailers integrating online trading and marketing

Affiliate network highlights a growing number of retailers integrating online trading and marketing


A research study conducted by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) reported that the online fashion retail industry demonstrated exponential growth – an astonishing 2,000% – from 2001 to 2011.


Additionally, Forrester published statistics indicating that US online retail sales grew 12.6% in 2010 to reach $176.2 billion (£111.8bn), with the ecommerce market expected to reach $278.9bn (£176.9bn) in 2015.


As more consumers shop online, performance marketing is becoming an increasingly attractive channel for fashion brand advertisers, who are looking to exploit a broad range of online partnership opportunities, to provide clear and measureable results.


Affiliate network gains from trend


Global affiliate network, reported that it has seen a steady increase in the number of fashion retailers integrating affiliate campaigns into their online marketing strategies, with an aim to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and generate additional revenue. These include well-known global brands such as Accessorize, T.M. Lewin and Lindsay Phillips.


The network said there are several factors that continue to drive double-digit growth for clothing retailers, including the emergence of new online shopping models such as flash sales and group-buying websites, both of which have displayed rapid growth and continue to drive consumer interest.


Take for instance popular British accessories retailer, Accessorize, which recently expanded into the US market and which is a network user. T.M Lewin is another British fashion brand that successfully launched in the US market with the help of affiliate marketing.


Lindsay Phillips, the innovative and fashionable creator of SwitchFlops, has been a popular advertiser since the brand’s exclusive launch with in November 2009. Lindsay’s footwear concept evolved from a school art project of ceramic flipflops to become the patented shoe with ‘infinite possibilities’.


Essential strategic campaigns and planning


Nick Cartwright, head of sales for US, said: “As the online fashion retail sector continues to see exponential growth, and more retailers turn to performance marketing, it becomes increasingly important for advertisers to stay ahead of the curve through the implementation of strategic campaigns and future planning. Leveraging the experience and expertise of network partners will help propel their affiliate programs and drive their online business through 2012.”


With growing numbers of fashion bloggers and style comparison sites looking for ways to monetise their sites, provide all the necessary tools to enable these publishers to maximise their earnings. With award winning account manager Kim Salvino heading the publisher services team, a number of technologies designed to host effective linking methods, plus the recently introduced reduced payment thresholds, is positioning to aid the continued growth of this sector.


Additional fashion retailers maximizing their online exposure through affiliate marketing programs with include Terraplana, Capulet London, Goddiva, Designers Guild (home fashion), The Hip Chick, and LN-CC.